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Gardening in 100+ Degrees

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Summer is in full swing in Eastern, WA and I am shocked that my flowers have not totally wilted into dust with this 100+ degree weather this week.  So I stopped and smelled the flowers you could say today.  

This Spring I could not hold back from running to the gardening store and start shopping. I tried some different combinations of flowers this year.  The colors circled around bright yellows, vibrant oranges and hot pinks.  I went a little overboard planting dahlias in any open flower beds too.  Can't wait for them to start to show their brilliant colors and textures.

It brings a smile to my face when I come home after a long day and see all these colors... Embrace a small space that you can dedicate a collection of plants that bring you joy at the end of the day...trust me it will turn that tired frown upside down...



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