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JG Rural Living Gets Crafty

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Welcome to JG Rural Living and I hope you enjoy helpful hints about gardening and entertaining as we start the Summer season.Throughout the year I can be found in the shop working on my next project that usually includes a woodworking, painting or a re-purposing project. With the Summer kicked off I swapped out my winter bedding today for the cheery floral coverlet and as I was making the bed I caught myself reflecting back to when I made this headboard featured in the post today. Brought back good memories of some cold nights working in the shop after three long months of winter. A piece of work I will have for a very longtime. 

I have spent eighteen years of my life living, playing and working on our family farm in Washington State. During this time I grew a new level of appreciation for the values and skills I gained by growing up on a farm.  I love the rural lifestyle and would not trade my experiences of being a farm girl.

After a busy day or week I find peace in the shop working on a new challenge that pushes my ability and mind. I guess it sources from my childhood when I spent many times hanging out with my father in the shop - him fixing equipment and me watching him or talking away while he worked.  A sense of peace and creative freedom happens when I have started a new project and get lost in the process. 

This winter I was starting to get a bad case of cabin fever.  With my idle hands needing to be put to work, I scrolled through my project page on Pinterest and selected a detailed wood headboard project. I had been needing a new headboard and had extra wood from a bargain buy I purchased at Home Depot earlier that winter. Had never done 45 degree angle cuts with my miter saw yet, but was up for the challenge!  

Here are some pictures as we progressed through building the headboard.  By the end of this, I was rock'n 45 degree angle cuts. 

Rural living is not just a way of living it is a way of thinking too. We can't help but challenge ourselves physically and mentally. I have found no matter where my career has taken me to big cities or fancy restaurants, I still find myself working with my hands and my heart finding peace when going back to my roots - the rural life.


Embrace your passions!

JG Rural Living



*Hint- Start from the center and work out when placing the chevron pattern.

*Cut, place and tack down with nails all your boards.  Then cut and sand outside edges to create an even, straight edge.

*Now just need sanding and stain.

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