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Summer into Fall

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The weather is starting to change and is one of my favorite times of year.  The warm days and cool, crisp air at night make you want to get that cozy blanket out and you know that pumpkin spice yummy-goodness is just around the corner.

At the same time, preparing your outdoor spaces for fall can be just as rewarding.  I like to squeak out one more season of cute decor or plants around the house before we all go into hibernation.

Now is the time to go to your local garden centers or home stores and scan through their garden sales!  I find some of the best deals this time of year.  It is the time to stock up on fertilizers, patio furniture sets, cafe lights and in seasonal plants.  

I couldn't resist to buy white and pink flowering climbing beauties called Du Pont the other day.  I took out the summer plants and planted these with next year in mind.  They will need to be brought in before the first frost and wondering where I will put my new "roomies" for the winter in the house- too beautiful to pass up!

Our climate is desert in Eastern,WA for most of the year and can drop down into winter temperatures during December- February.  I love the color and texture of desert plants. So I bought these Agaves and planted them in beautiful, bright and neutral tone pots to add some low maintenance, hardy plants and color around the house for the fall, winter and spring.  These too will need to be brought in the house before the first frost. 

These gardening projects kick off the fall and will be perfect for spring when you come out of the "winter-cabin-fever".  Fall is the preparation for winter and for us green thumbs is the last hurrah to plan for spring by taking advantage of sale pieces and fall plants!

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